About Us

Raftnepal Adventures magazine is dedicated to helping you have fantastic outdoor adventurers in Mauritius. Here, fans and lovers of the great outdoors will find detailed information that will help them plan and enjoy fun activities in this beautiful country. Our information will benefit both local and international tourists.

Our aim is to guide you by giving the best tips and advice about outdoor activities in Mauritius. You will get information on climbing, hiking, camping, water sports, and so much more. Additionally, we will fill you in on our favorite destinations in Mauritius. In this beautiful country, you will enjoy breathtaking scenery from the seaside to the mountains. In this magazine, you’ll learn the best seasons and times to visit different locations.

Each destination offers different activities that you can indulge in. If you have a favorite outdoor activity, you can take the fun further by enjoying it in several locations.  Our detailed guides will show you how to get to different locations in Mauritius and the best means of transport.   Plus, we will provide recommendations on the best accommodation in different locations.

As you probably know, you must have quality gear for your adventurers to be awesome. For example, you need the right tools for activities such as fishing, canyoning, and other water sports. You can carry some of the gear with you or hire on location.  At Raftnepal magazine, we will provide reviews and recommendations on the best outdoor gears for your trip so that you can be well prepared.

We also cover a wide range of activities to ensure that there’s something for everyone. You can learn about relaxing activities that will help you unwind. You will get information on adventures that will have your adrenaline pumping. You can also get details on group activities for your family, friends, and colleagues. Plus, you’ll learn why the island is a top fishing destination. Many people enjoy fishing on the gorgeous shores or deep sea fishing.

Raftnepal adventures magazine was created to provide valuable information for tourists and residents of Mauritius who enjoy the great outdoors. Travelers, adventurers, and explorers will all have something to gain from this magazine. Our guides will also benefit first-time travelers and adventurers.  We keep the magazine updated and provide the best information on the top tourist destinations. We will help you explore the beauty of Mauritius in style as you indulge in unforgettable outdoor adventurers.