Best times to go fishing in Mauritius


Fishing in Mauritius besides playing a significant role in the lives of locals is one of the major tourist attractions. The country is home to a remarkable variety of fish which frequents its shores throughout the year. Mauritius is among the world’s most attractive big game fishing destinations because it is so rich in fish variety.

However, fishing is not only confined to the shores. Angling in the high seas is gradually gaining popularity, and as more tourists venture deep into the oceans, the fishing excitement adds to an already fulfilling activity in paradise. To get the best of your fishing expedition in this nation, knowing the best times to go fishing on a daily basis is paramount.

The Best times of Deep Sea Fishing

You have to look at the moon calendar for fishing forecast before you embark on your deep sea fishing. Fish is found in plenty at night when there is a full moon because during such times visibility is excellent. Note that fish mostly feed at night when sea temperatures are at their lowest. So, going on a fishing expedition during the day during full-moon is not  advisable;

Fish are full and as such your bait is not adequately appetizing. That is why
seasoned anglers advise against going fishing during full moon particularly for anyone who is not planning to fish at night. With that in mind, the best times to catch on a daily basis for all types (including sports fishing) are as

• Half day, from 5 to 6, both in the morning and in the afternoon.

• A full day which should take about hours

• Night times from 6 pm onwards.

Fish types to expect

• Bonito, one of the most popular fish and weighs between 4 to 18 Kilograms (40 pounds)

• Dorado, a favorite game fish available in the Indian Ocean, weighing between 10 and 70 pounds

• Sailfish is one of the swiftest fish in the high seas. It can cruise at speeds above mph and weighs up to 140 pounds.

• Yellowfin Tuna, a powerful fighting fish weighing between 30 and 225 pounds. To catch this favorite fish, schedule fishing for between March and April.

• Cobalt Blue Marlin is the fish type that attains sizes as massive as 1500 pounds in Mauritius. The best month to catch this fish is between
November and April.

Fishing Seasons

Mauritius is an all-year-round fishing destination because there are always fish around the island. However, the numbers increase tremendously from October, the start of summer in the country. 

Early season denotes a time (the beginning of summer) when there is a high
likelihood of catching the stylish black and blue marlin and big shark. Summer comes to an end in April marking the end of the productive period. Note that you can still catch big fish varieties like Yellow fin and Dorado in April. So, if possible schedule your trip to paradise anytime between October and April.


Enrich your holiday expedition with a breathtaking high seas fishing in Mauritius. With thousands of fish varieties and a topography that
attracts a wide range of fish varieties from deep inside the Indian Ocean,
there is no doubt you will enjoy fishing on this island. Schedule your holiday to coincide with the country’s season for a memorable experience. With many locals taking part in the activity as an economic activity as well as for the pleasure, fishing gives you a perfect opportunity to interact and get an insight into their culture.