Hiking & Trekking in Mauritius- An Overview

If you are looking for a way to get the adrenaline rushing in your veins and enjoy the best of nature, Mauritius is the perfect destination to be. This natural paradise offers a vast array of breathtaking landscapes and terrains for you to explore.

You simply have to choose and enjoy your hiking and trekking trip in Mauritius and discover the finest of trails and viewpoints- with varying lengths and grades of difficulty.

Here is a list of some places that offer hikers and trekkers an amazing experience with remarkable views:

  • Maccabee Panoramic Trail

Maccabee is one of the easiest trails in Mauritius that offers an astonishing panoramic view of the Black River Gorges Park, and its surrounding forests and waterfalls. The trail is over 10 km long. It takes around 2 to 3 hours for the hikers to reach the highest point at 652 m, which is also considered to be one of the best picnic points in Mauritius.

  • Lion Mountain

The southeast part of the island displays a majestic lion like profile, hence the name. This wondrous profile is a phenomenal place to go hiking and trekking. The trail offers a medium level of difficulty, with some exposed scrambling and challenging terrain along the lion’s back to reach atop the head where the hikers and trekkers are rewarded with a fantastic view of the island’s interior and the coast. The trail is 8.4 km long and takes up to 3 to 4 hours to complete.

  • Le Pouce

Le Pouce is the third highest mountain located near the capital city of Mauritius, Port Louis. Its highest point is at the peak of 812m, which is shaped like a thumb. The hiking and trekking trail here is easy and takes about 4.3 km long to reach the peak, which offers a breathtaking view of the Moka range and Pieter Both (a unique and natural rock shaped like a human head).

  • The Tamarind Falls

Tamarind Falls is another most popular hiking and trekking destination in Mauritius. The trail here is fun and takes about 6 hours on an average to complete. It offers moderate difficulty level and is accessible to all. The trek starts at the base of an impressive canyon and progresses towards heavenly waterfalls through two different breathtaking routes, one of which leads through a forest and the other through an open area on the majestic basalt rock. You are free to swim in the refreshing water or lose yourself with a natural massage standing beneath the cascade.

  • La Nicoliere Reserve

This untouched reserve hold one of the most beautiful lakes in the island surrounded by equally majestic hills. Hiking and trekking here is fairly easy, takes about 2 to 3 hours to complete, and offers a sense of fantasy through a trail of forests and rivers with awe-inspiring views of the Northern Islets and the La Nicoliere lake. You can also spot bats and wild monkeys on the hills in early evening.

Bottom Line

The above trails are just a few samples of what Mauritius has to offer. Whether you are looking for challenging adventures or family friendly hiking and trekking trails, Mauritius is the right destination. The island is full of varieties and many of the trails are just less than tens of kilometers from the seaside which offers a unique opportunity to visitors.

If you are not sure how to book your hiking and trekking trip in Mauritius or if you have queries about these nature trails, you can just contact a tour operator.

Explore the activities of Casela Park

Entrance view of Casela Park Mauritius

Casela is a scenic nature park considered by nature and wildlife lovers as one of Mauritius leading tourists’ attraction sites. Located beside Rampart Mountain on the beautiful island’s southwest side, several locals and foreigners frequent the park for its unique fauna and flora legacy. What attracts such a large number of visitors? Well, Casela Park is home to a wide range of exotic plants and flowers, rare animals and over 150 species of birds.

So, if consider yourself adventurous at heart and relish the adrenaline rush associated with the same schedule a visit to the nature park. Below are the exciting Casela Park activities to explore:

Walking with the Lions

This activity gives you an exclusive time with the big cats. The exciting activity, which lasts one hour, takes place a couple of time per day and provides a rare opportunity to come up close to the dreaded king of the jungle. With competent professionals having experience of over three decades, you have absolutely nothing to worry. All you do while engaging in the one-of-a-kind activity is spend time with the lions in their natural habitat as you take plenty of pictures to watch and reflect on afterward

Casela world of adventures

Covering an area that spans more than 250 hectares, the mountainous park features rugged terrain, scorched-earth safari, lush forest, and breath-taking ravines. Thanks to the several thematic units as well as a Discovery center, each requires ample time to explore to the fullest, of the area. For instance, The Safari Unit (also named Kingdom) boasts of big cats, captivating Quad Biking and Photo-Safari and as such best suits safaris. Nature Kingdom, on the other hand, includes Canopy Park, Bird Park, and Animal show

Quad Bike

On Board a four-wheeled buggy or quad bike, you can find your way right into the heart of the incredible center and watch tigers from very close. Watch them chase their prey, climb trees and laze around, their favorite pastime. If lucky enough, you will even watch a game between a griffon and the keeper. Remember to remain calm and have a camera ready so that you can capture all the memorable moments. While at it, watch out because tigers are known to mark their territory around your bus, and you want to either catch the thrill as you maintain a safe distance.

Zip Lining

Zip lining during your day outing at Casela is one of the natural ecotourism concepts. Mauritius has the lengthiest (400 m) of this feature in the entire Indian Ocean region. Fan of the excitement? The island gives you much more. While taking part in this fascinating activity, the park allows you to experience spectacular scenery as cheerful monitors make some jokes that significantly augment the charm.

The dual zip carries you across the Nepalese bridges, upside down across rivers and generally through the exceedingly exceptional environment. From the first jump to the end point, everything is attractively impressive.

The Safari

In addition to the above brilliant activities, you also have the option of enjoying a trip using a safari vehicle. The vehicle allows you to cover a considerable distance in a short time. Consequently, you soak yourself in an expansive area of the spectacular landscape, full of natural beauty, as you
catch a glimpse of hyenas, cheetahs and a host of other wild animals. Casela Nature Park has something exceptional for everyone.