The Top 5 Most Popular Watersports Activities in Mauritius


Are you looking for a new adventure? Are you an avid water activity enthusiasts? Are you just enamored with warm weather? How about take some time, head to Mauritius for a water sport trip. While the Indian Ocean island nation has traditionally been as a romantic gateway for holidaymakers across the world, it has a wide variety of water sports activities to offer.

Mauritius has every ingredient necessary for a good time enjoying waters activities – picturesque beaches surrounded by beautiful vistas, warm tropical climate, and ample watersports to sample. If you have more of a laid back personality or want to spend more time actually being at these places than to ask around where to go, you can book your Watersports activities in Mauritius with

Herein we will explore some of the water sports on offer on the island nation.


If you are interested in a bird’s eye view of Mauritius, parasailing is a great option. Whilst parasailing, you get a stellar bird’s eye view of the islands coupled with memorable experience. The virgin natural beauty of the lagoon is an added benefit. Over the 5 to 15 minutes of parasailing, you get to thoroughly enjoy the allure of turquoise water and the pristine flora and fauna.


This is a favorite water sport for millions of people across the world. Not only is windsurfing a fun activity, it is also a daring activity. As such, you enjoy your time on the warm water of the Indian Ocean but also test yourself physically. With all the speed control, acceleration, and sail directional control, you work out your body, burning as much as 1000 calories for every hour of windsurfing.

Undersea Walking

This is the perfect activity for individuals interested in exploring the marine life surrounding Mauritius. Whilst it will feel weird and you will find it difficult at first, there are plenty of perks that come with trying it. For instance, it is one of the few possible means of exploring the life that exists just below the water in intricate details with very little training needed.

Furthermore, it is immensely rewarding. Fewer activities will allow you to interact with marine flora and fauna as an undersea walk.

Water Skiing

Between holding the tow rope, skimming along the water surface and trying to remain upright, water skiing is one of the most exciting water activity in Mauritius. While it is a challenging water activity to engage in initially, it is also very distinctive.

Cave Sea Kayaking

Of all the water sport on offer in Mauritius, sea kayaking is one of the easiest activity to try. Whether you opt for a single or the double kayak, kayaking allows you to enjoy the warm waters of the Indian Ocean and also explore the various sea caves that line Mauritius’ shoreline. A very popular place to kayaking in Mauritius is Pointe Aux Sable where you get to some of the most stunning rock caves lined with basalt rock gardens.

Although these are the top 5 water activities Mauritius, there are plenty of other water activities, including deep sea fishing, whale and dolphin spotting, submarine safari, snorkeling, scuba diving, hover board riding, etc.

Canyoning in Mauritius – Where to Do It

Swinging down with water currents at Eau Bleue

Many people are very determined to discover more about the best holiday destinations and also looking for ways to things which take us past our comfort zones as well as our family and friends. If you are this type of person, Mauritius is the right place to visit. There are lots of adrenaline-fueled ways to experience how the coastline, as well as the interior of Mauritius, is ready to be explored and one of them is canyoning.

Intense water sport

Canyoning is an intense sport which uses various means to get from the top of a canyon to its bottom such as climbing, to swim, abseiling, wading, sliding, jumping and hiking. There some amazing areas within Mauritius for canyoning.

This sport is not for people with faint hearts– it is an activity which will drive you to your limits, therefore, assure to link up with Mauritian guides who are experienced and can show you the correct location according to your expertise level.

For people who are not willing to spend their vacation on a towel at the beach, you should try canyoning. In one day you will discover, beautiful scenes, waterfalls, as well as, plush water. Throughout your tour, you will be aided by professionals who will assist you to experience Mauritius` nature.

Where to do Canyoning in Mauritius?

There are many places to canyoning in Mauritius such as Tamarind Falls, Eau Douce, Exil falls, Chamarel falls and Alexandra falls. We are going to describe all these spots in some details below.

Tamarind Falls

Tamarind Falls canyoning is among the best on the island when we are talking of hiking waterfalls. This adventure is very popular among tourist and it is a prime activity on the list of almost all tour organizers in Mauritius. Also known as the ‘sept cascades’, hiking and canyoning can be practiced on many spots along the waterfalls. Here, we can distinguish at least seven distinguished falls.

Eau Bleue

Eau Bleue is located 30 minutes from Curepipe, and you can see the playground provided by Eau Bleue, also referred to as the Rama waterfall. This transcendent cascade, as well as this river, has an excellent blues shade and hence the name ‘bleue’ which means blue in French.

Chamarel falls

Chamarel falls canyoning expedition is mostly for people looking for adrenaline rush. Visit it and put your courage to the test by attempting to climb next to the waterfall having a 95m void beneath your feet, near the fantastic 7 colored Chamarel landscape.

Exil falls

You will discover through this outing a beautiful landscape which contains canyons, the magnificent savanna river as well as the unique tropical forests.

Alexandra falls

Those who are experienced in canyoning and who wish to push their limits further go to the Alexandra falls. This fall is located in Champagnes National Park popularly known as the Black River Gorges National Park. The latter is probably among the most popular nature sites in Mauritius.

Mauritius is the ideal place for canyoning, and these areas are among the best for it (to mention a few). If you like thrilling adventures, you should try it out.